Comparing The Blundstones -Difference Between Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots are a true Australian icon. Their exceptional comfort and high-quality manufacture make them the ideal choice for all your safety footwear requirements. At Get Real Workwear, we are proud to offer these well-known outstanding boots to our customers. 

We understand that their large range can be quite daunting when you are deciding which style is best suited to you and your needs. This is why we have made a shortlist of the more popular styles to help you select the best boot for you. We trust the information below will help you in your quest for the ideal boots, be it for work or play.

Pull-on or lace-up

Generally, the pull-on style of work boot is suited to industries such as oil and gas, which require you to remove your boots during the workday. They are easy to slip on and off. Lace-up boots offer a higher degree of ankle stability with their snug fit and are the boot of choice in construction and industries where you are required to move about on uneven surfaces or climb structures such as scaffolding. 

Your purpose for purchasing work boots will determine which style best suits you. The Blundstone styles we are looking at are the pull-on or slip-on styles, which are hugely popular due to the ease of changing in and out of them, and the versatility they offer in being practical yet also stylish enough for use outside of the workplace.

Leather lined or original

When considering Blundstone leather-lined vs. original boots, you may think the original design will be more comfortable, but this is not always the case. With leather-lined designs, you are choosing a style that not only is waterproof and durable but also allows your feet to breathe. Ideal for hot environments or if you simply need that extra level of comfort. Coupled with good quality socks, your feet will stay comfortable, dry, and safe throughout your workday. Original boots also allow an element of breathability, but this is heightened when you wear leather lined boots.

The first Blundstone

The 500 series is the original Blundstone slip-on boot with elastic sides and a waterproof leather outer delivering a sturdy boot design that has stood the test of time. When comparing the Blundstone 500 vs 600 boot, you will find the 600 has evolved from this classic model to offer a comfortable female fit as well — ensuring everyone has the opportunity to own this timeless original style that has kept workers safe and comfortable for decades. 

Blundstones are stylish too, which makes them a good dress boot. They are not only working boots; they are also a practical wardrobe addition that will keep you looking good all year round.

Slip-on designs

You may need a work boot that also requires the versatility of blending into a town environment. This is where the 059 and 062 models shine. Easy slip-on style with a chiselled toe that is not only comfortable and offers great protection but also looks stylish, so you can confidently dress up knowing your boots are suited to any event. 

It could be that you prefer a more rustic look with a rounded toe in a pull-on style. Look no further than the 585 or 587 styles. Blundstone 059 vs 062 or Blundstone 585 vs 587 is merely a preference comparison. Both are fashionable, easy to wear, unisex, and of the standard high-quality manufacturing that Blundstone is renowned for. Another slip-on boot option is the 063 and 663 model with a square toe. The 663 also has a moulded footbed for extra comfort. Blundstone 063 vs 663 is about choosing your comfort levels. 

The 500 series

You can become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available in the 500 series when figuring out which boot is the right option for you. The Blundstone 500 vs 510 vs 550 question is a prime example. The 500 and 510 are originals, and the 550 is leather lined. Choosing between these three, you need to consider the climate in which you will be wearing your boots. Is it excessively hot? Do you need your boots to breathe more or less? Perhaps you are considering the Blundstone 558 vs 550 or the Blundstone 585 vs 550? 

In a lot of cases, model numbers indicate colour options. The boots themselves do not have significant differences. After all, why mess with a proven product! Design improvements such as leather lining and removable inner soles have been implemented along the way, but overall, the original 500 series remains the hallmark of Blundstone boots quality.

Alternatives to the 500 series

Now it’s time we delve into models outside of the 500 series. You may be wondering how to compare the Blundstone 610 vs 510. Essentially, the 610 is an upgrade of the 510 with leather lining and a polyurethane midsole for extra comfort. Blundstone 1306 vs 585 is another popular comparison. The 585 is one of the first in the comfort series, more suited to people who need a little extra room. The 1306 offers heal strike protection and, with its square toe, is suited to being a dress boot or a work boot. The Blundstone 311 vs 172 models both offer removable inner soles and an extra sturdy outer sole with tough kick guards on the toes. The 172 also has a defined heel to assist with safety while climbing ladders.

Size selection

It’s important to keep in mind that Blundstone half sizes generally indicate a wider fit. Women and men’s sizes are offered to ensure everyone can benefit from Blundstone quality. The classic range offers a little more space inside the boot to cater for people who find general sized boots a bit tight. 

So much effort has gone into sizing considerations to provide the perfect fit regardless of your foot type that you are bound to find the best possible boot for you within the Blundstone range.

Blundstone dedication

Thousands of people cannot be wrong! Once you have owned a pair of Blundstones, you will find yourself dedicated to the brand. You will experience unsurpassed comfort, which provides protection and quality at a level that gives you a boot that will last even under the harshest conditions. 

What more can you ask for in a boot? You spend many hours on your feet and deserve the best there is to offer, not just a boot that complies with safety standards without consideration for the comfort of your feet.

Still unsure?

It is easy to be unsure as most of the boots look very similar. However, each model has something slightly different to the next, be it toe shape, colour, the strength of toe protection, breathability, or outer sole composition. The entire range of Blundstone boots offers comfort, protection, and quality. So no matter which style you go for, you will be making the right decision when it comes to protecting your feet by investing in a pair of Blundstones. 

Get Real Workwear has you covered for all your footwear and workwear requirements. We are happy to help you with any questions while we strive to keep the Australian workforce clothed comfortably and stylishly.