Bisley Size Guide

Bisley provides three different styles of fit within their clothing range — traditional, modern, and active. Each fit offers an alternative level of ease to allow your clothing to fit most appropriately for the activities you are planning to undertake. The term “ease” refers to the amount of volume you have in the fit, or in other words, the width of your clothing for ease of movement. Traditional has the most ease, followed by modern, and then the tighter fit is the active ease.

The Bisley size guide will help you to find the best fit for your needs.

Measuring up 

The Bisley size guide includes detailed instructions on measuring your body to find the appropriate size for you. Men’s sizes are offered in cm and inches, with four measurements required, while ladies’ sizes are provided in cm and have five measurement points. Simply measure yourself per the chart and find the size that matches.

Selecting the fit

Now you have your size, it is time to decide on the fit most appropriate to you. Ideally, you require a fit that allows full movement of your arms and torso without the fabric pulling and restricting movement. That being said, you also do not want swathes of excess fabric. The fit options allow for ease, so all body shapes are accommodated.  

Boots to match

Now that you have selected your workwear, what about boots? You may have decided on boots from the Blundstone range. We recommend visiting the Blundstone sizing chart to ensure the perfect fit. Or if your preference is Oliver boots, there is a sizing chart for those as well. 

You can also check out the King Gee workwear sizing guide should you prefer their workwear clothing options. In fact, Get Real Workwear has all of your workwear needs covered within our range.

Bisley Size Guide & Chart