King Gee Size Guide

King Gee is one of the more recognised brands of workwear in Australia as they have successfully kept Australian workers clothed for decades. After browsing the workwear options you may have decided on King Gee. To get the most out of your choice, you need to ensure a good fit. The King Gee size guide is provided to help you get the best fit possible on the clothing or boots selected. If you have decided on Bisley workwear we recommend referring to their sizing guide.

Men’s clothing sizing

The King Gee size guide chart may seem a little daunting, so let's break it down. You can choose from Regular (R), Stout (S) or Long leg (L) lengths in your pants. The letters after the size numbers indicate which length of pants is available. The size number is your waist measurement. When ordering coveralls, you also need to consider your inner leg and chest measurement per the diagram.

Women’s clothing sizing

The diagram shows where measurements need to be taken to select the correct size from the King Gee size guide. However, you also need to consider fit. For the women’s clothing range, workwear comes in a regular style, a straighter style and also in a curved style to accommodate a variety of body shapes. You shouldn’t have any issues finding the perfect fit for your needs.


King Gee boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. You will see that the chart also indicates which sizes are interchangeable for the King Gee unisex range. This makes it easier for ladies to select the appropriate size from the range. It is good to note that the unisex range does provide a broader fit than a standard ladies boot. If you have selected Oliver or Blundstone boots, please refer to their sizing charts.

King Gee Size Guide & Chart