Oliver Boots Size Guide

Here at Get Real Workwear, we know how important it is to have boots that fit you properly. That’s why you will find the Oliver boots size guide handy — it’s a great conversion table to compare international sizes, as well as a conversion guide for purchasing unisex boots. 

Oliver has created a simple template to measure your foot to get the best fit possible. Conveniently displaying conversion sizes and instructions on how to use the template, all you need to do is print the pdf and use the printout as per the instructions.

The importance of a good fit

A well-fitted boot will sit securely on your foot and provide the maximum comfort available from the brand or model you have chosen. A boot that is too large can create blisters from movement, as well as being a tripping hazard through your foot “floating” within the boot when stepping up. A boot that is too tight will cause a lot of discomfort to your feet during the day, restricting circulation and resulting in very painful and tired feet at the end of the day. This is why referring to the Oliver boots size guide before ordering is crucial. 

Different brands have differing sizes

Should you decide on a different brand, then you shouldn’t use the Oliver boots size guide. For example, you may have decided on a boot from the Blundstone range instead. In this case, you would refer to the Blundstone size guide. Every brand has slight differences in its sizing, and to get the best fit for you, you need to use that brand’s dedicated sizing chart.

Get kitted out for the worksite 

Get Real Workwear also has all your workwear needs covered, to keep you safe on-site. You can also find a wide variety of clothing included in our great range of workwear. Bisley offers a sizing chart for their clothing range, as do King Gee. If you have any questions about our products, make sure to get in touch with the team today. 

Oliver Boots Size Guide & Chart